Adams will honor his word

To the editor:

When I was elected eight years ago, I was naive enough to believe that I could significantly fix the problems of government. Politicians want to believe (some actually convince themselves) that they have accomplished something while serving their time at the Statehouse.

What I learned was, when you challenge the status quo, the establishment becomes your enemy. Every election cycle, candidates print on their literature what they stand for, and the voter expects them to honor their words. It seems this seldom happens.

When the governor, in the fall of 2013, went around the legislature to implement Medicaid expansion through the Controlling Board, I was finished working with our party deceivers. Our party ignored parents and their battle to get rid of Common Core. Spending skyrocketed 30 percent the last seven years, while the Consumer Price Index was only 10 percent.

I was one of seven who voted against the budget in 2013 which had massive spending increases; Matt voted for it. Our Republican establishment has not wanted the Heartbeat Bill to pass. I and 14 others tried to have the bill amended into a bill pending on the House floor. Matt was one who voted to stop this effort. Additionally, our party “leaders” have not gotten rid of Common Core. I was always against Common Core, taking an early leadership role in trying to repeal it. Heidi Huber, the founder of Ohioans Against Common Core, knows this and has endorsed me.

The same budget had a provision to defund Planned Parenthood. It didn’t. Just another deception. The governor recently signed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, again? It doesn’t. Millions of dollars still flow to Planned Parenthood through Medicaid.

To clarify my voting record: Matt says that I’ve missed more than 120 votes, but this equates to about 15 days in eight years due to a hip replacement, knee surgery and some legislative travel that was excused by the Speaker.

You have a choice in this primary. I’m in this race for the right reasons, yet not naive enough to believe I can solve all the problems this time around.

I will continue to do what you sent me there to do — honor my words.

John Adams