Don’t rely on endorsements

To the editor:

Don’t rely on the Ohio Right to Life’s or the Ohio Republican Party’s endorsements to tell you whom to vote for anymore. You can certainly see in this election that they are not endorsing some of the most prolife and conservative candidates. For instance, they have not endorsed John Adams for Senate, yet he is a very strong prolife leader. He and Tara have seven children. John was a leader in trying to get the Heartbeat Bill passed, and he was instrumental in getting Martin Haskell’s abortion mill in Sharonville closed. The group, Ohio Pro Life Action, and Janet Porter, who wrote the Heartbeat, have recognized John’s prolife leadership and they have endorsed him. Also, if you go to, they rank John Adams as very conservative and Matt Huffman as somewhat liberal.

I’ve known John for more than 30 years, and I know that he will fight for us and our concerns.

Bob Enneking