Exercise your constitutional right: Vote

To the editor:

“I am amazed.” As I listen to the presidential debates and the candidate’s political speeches, the referral to both the black and Hispanic neighborhoods, is a travesty that these Americans, are basically referred to as a commodity. Each candidate is looking to see how many votes from these communities they can gather in their basket. They pretend to be aware of their problems and set backs, but only when the candidates are in the black or Hispanic backyards.

I am not either black or Hispanic background, but if I were, I’d be outraged by the way I am politically being treated like a sack of potatoes. My feeling is that as I listen to some of the candidates, they are trying to lump me into one sack or another depending upon my color, and gather as many potatoes as possible because the more the potatoes they have, the voter richer they are.

We are all Americans, no matter what our color, race religion, rich, poor, male, female or moderate background and are not divided because of those physical attributes but united Americans because of those same attributes. I am not promoting any one candidate or any one political party. I am promoting Americanism and proud to be one, along with the privilege to vote for whom I want. God bless America and be sure to exercise your constitutional right to vote and be a part of controlling your future.

Tom Steinke