Principled leadership needed

To the editor:

John Adams, for District 12, Ohio Senate. In 2011, Adams introduced the Founding Fathers Bill, which required educators to incorporate into coursework, the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Ohio Constitution.

John served eight years in the Ohio House, six of those years in leadership as minority whip and majority whip. He served as a statesman in Columbus, a vanishing attribute, putting principles before politics.

John owns a small business. He understands the burdens and challenges of entrepreneurship. Adams is a member of National Federation Independent Business. Adams was appointed by NFIB to serve on its 34-member Leadership Council. John believes in energizing Ohio economy by reducing spending deficits and burdensome EPA and IRS regulations.

John earned title of Pro-Life MVP for work on the HeartBeat Bill and continues to work to give voice to the voiceless.

In 2010 Adams was named one of six Legislators of the Year on his work on phase out of personal income tax in Ohio.

John took a lead role to fight for repeal of Common Core. In 2014, when leadership killed the bill in committee, he served a discharge petition and fought for repeal amendments, as he stood for Ohio’s children.

John Adams has the life experience — as a Navy SEAL, small businessman and conservative statesman — to fight for our shared conservative values and to successfully promote and protect the American dream.

Strong conservative, truthful, committed, DOES what he campaigned about! Stands for fiscal responsibility, for Heartbeat Bill, repeal of Common Core. If we don’t put principled legislators in Columbus, we will have unprincipled legislation!

The best choice. Vote March 15th. Elect John Adams.

H. R Pence