Support Cruz in primary

To the Editor,

The highly contested Republican primary has many wondering which candidate would do the best job as president. Many Ohioans are considering casting their votes for Donald Trump. His unconventional ideas and strong persona have captivated many voters who are angry with today’s weak politicians. However, something more than personality is needed to bring America back to her former glory.

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s record has shown him to be a strong supporter of liberal policies and candidates that have done damage to the core of America. This includes donating to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and refusing to support a partial birth abortion ban. Mr. Trump’s idea of the authority of the president is also questionable, as he said of the military in the March 3 debate, “They will do what I tell them.” His ethics are also to be questioned, as he promotes strip clubs, says Planned Parenthood does great things, and he is under investigation for fraud.

Yes, his refusal to submit to political correctness is to be applauded. But he is not fit to be president. What America needs is a true conservative who understands American history and principles — Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz has spent his entire career faithfully fighting for the values that make America great. Ted Cruz understands that a good moral foundation is what prospers this country, not just good economics. I encourage every conservative to vote Ted Cruz in the March 15 primary.

Zanthia Hill