Vote for Jordan sheriff

To the editor:

After much research, because this is a very important office for all of our safety here in Shelby County, I am firmly supporting Mark Jordan with my vote for Shelby County Sheriff.

Jordan will establish relationships with the Sidney Police Department, with local village police departments, and with the Ohio State Patrol; something that is desperately needed in Shelby county to protect its citizens. Jordan’s training and work in police departments and the local Sheriff’s Office Reserves is extensive.

Jordan knows how to do research by building a 911/CAD/RMS/Mobile software system, used by over 50 agencies including Shelby County. Using his research skills and good listening skills from past police work and being CEO of a large company, will allow him to research rehabilitation programs that work so those incarcerated can get a job and become good citizens when released. He is eager to find the best ways to help the inmates with rehabilitation instead of having the swinging door. He will not continue the same old methods, like rewarding good behavior with e-cigarettes that harm the incarcerated.

Jordan is a forward-thinking man, full of compassion for those with mental illness who are in jail as I had a personal conversation with him on this topic of rehabilitation. His experience as CEO of a large computer company will enable him to use the latest research and technology to help those with addictions while keeping costs down.

Check out retired Sidney Police Officer Mike McRill’s testimony on Jordan’s web page: Officer McRill still works towards helping those with addictions, and knows what is needed. See also testimony from Botkins Chief of Police, Tom Glass. Find out the facts! My vote goes to Jordan!

Mary Durbin