Support Sidney City School levy

To the editor:

As a private-public partnership supporting economic development in Sidney and Shelby County, we meet with business and industry on a regular bases. Rarely does a day go by when the workforce shortage does not come up in our conversations with these local businesses. School funding and support is the foundation to equip individuals with the skills necessary to fill the good-paying jobs in our community. We all want our young people to have the opportunity to earn a good education and land a good-paying job right here in Shelby County!

Our current companies as well as the companies that consider locating in Sidney expect a high quality educational system. The passage of the Sidney City School Levy will provide the district with the resources necessary to maintain student programs, educational services and instruction. These resources are critical to the development of our future workforce.

In order to assure continuing job opportunities and a vibrant community, the Sidney-Shelby Economic Partnership encourages you to vote ‘Yes’ for the Sidney School levy on March 17th.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Sidney-Shelby Economic Partnership,

Martin (Mick) Given Chairman

James A. Hill Executive Director