Vote Frye for next Shelby County sheriff

To the editor:

As a former law enforcement officer in Shelby County, I first had the privilege of working along side Jim when he was at the Jackson Center Police Department. I’ve known Jim since he was a patrolman at Jackson Center and also as he rose to Chief of Police. Jim has a passion for law enforcement. Even in his early days, it was obvious to anyone around him, that this line of work was and is more than just a job. Jim showed himself to be both a truthful and trustworthy person to work with. As Chief, Jim was always willing to help other police departments in the county whenever they asked for it. It was also during this time I saw the genuine compassion Jim showed for the citizens he served. Even though I’ve retired from law enforcement, my path still crosses Jim’s. Most recently, just last fall, I had two different opportunities to once again see Jim’s dedication and compassion for the citizens he serves in his position as Chief Deputy. I can’t give specific details; however, the actions that Jim and the Sheriff’s Department took to protect and serve the citizens of this county on both of the occasions were a remarkable display. Some would say Jim’s actions went above and beyond the call of duty; but knowing Jim for as long as I have, I know the “above and beyond” is just who he is. He truly is a gifted man of law enforcement.

The outstanding men and women of the sheriff’s department are dedicated to protect and serve the citizens of Shelby County and Jim Frye is right person to lead them as the next sheriff.

Please join me and my family on March 17th and vote Jim Frye as the Republican candidate for Shelby County Sheriff.

Greg Freistuhker

Port Jefferson