Vote for Frye for sheriff

To the editor:

I am the Shelby County Prosecuting Attorney and have served in that capacity for the past eight years. Prior to my service as Prosecuting Attorney, I served the county as its public defender for nearly 20 years. As a felony level trial attorney, I have met and dealt with countless law enforcement officials. I can say, without equivocation, that sheriff candidate, Jim Frye, is one of the finest law enforcement officers I have ever met.

Jim has 38 years of experience as a full-time law enforcement officer. I have been on both sides of cases in which Jim was the lead investigator. His work product as an investigator is always top notch.

Most recently and for the past eight years, Jim Frye has served as the Chief Deputy under Sheriff Lenhart. As Chief Deputy, Jim oversees the day-to-day operations of law enforcement and the corrections side of the Department. Jim remains actively involved in the felony level investigations conducted by the Department’s detectives and line officers. As importantly, Jim has the full confidence of the supervisors, detectives, deputies, correction officers and staff in the Sheriff’s Office. He is fair and respected, but also demanding and stern when necessary.

As the County Prosecutor and a defense attorney, I have worked with Jim Frye for decades. I know and trust his work product. By contrast, I remember having only a single past contact with his opponent (Mark Jordan).

I whole-heartedly endorse Jim Frye as the next Shelby County Sheriff.

Timothy S. Sell

Shelby County Prosecutor