Why I think we can do more

To the editor:

We have a chance to elect a 30 year veteran in law enforcement with 20 year leadership experience in the Computer Technology and Communication Industry. Mark Jordan managed a private sector company with a 10 million dollar budget and managed 60+ employees. He also wants to restore a good working relationship with Sidney PD, Ohio State Highway Patrol and other municipality’s law enforcement agencies.

Mark Jordan has proven business leadership in the Technology and Communication Sector. He has the vision to plan/define/strategize the Sheriff’s office for future growth. He can FIX and maintain the stressed and fractured county-wide radio system because he is knowledgeable on the communications field. Having owned a computer company he has technical and computer knowledge for performance enhancement.

He will create a Sheriff’s Chaplain program for deputy counseling/support and launch a Deputy/Chaplain partnership for death notifications. And something that concerns him and should concern you also, there will be no more inmate deaths. (2 in the jail and 1 in ER from fight IN the jail). Mark Jordan, unlike his opponent, is opposed to ANY “Red Flag Laws”.

Finally, his campaign is SELF-FUNDED. THAT is commitment, resolve and conviction!

And why I will vote for Mark Jordan for Sheriff, in the March 17, 2020 Election Primary.



H. R. Pence