Frye is the best choice for sheriff

To the editor:

My first thought when I learned John Lenhart was not going to run for re-election was: “I hope Frye will run for Sheriff”. I knew he was fully capable of handling the honor and responsibility that comes with being our next Sheriff of Shelby County.

I have worked closely with Chief Frye, Sheriff Lenhart and the rest of their administration for the past six years. As a Shelby County Police Chief, the Sheriff’s Office Administration has only been a phone call away. They have been happy to assist with anything I needed for the department and the Village. They have kept our department informed and worked with us on several cases that expanded beyond our jurisdiction. I worked with both Lenhart and Frye to establish contractual agreements for expanded police service and cost savings between the Village of Fort Loramie, McLean Township and Shelby County. With their leadership and guidance, Shelby County started a Marine Patrol program in 2018. The program works in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It increases law enforcement availability and has improved communication between the County, State and other local agencies.

The Fort Loramie Police Department currently has a great working relationship with the County and the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office also has a positive relationship with the County Commissioners and many other local officials, which is why Frye is being supported by them. When it comes to cooperation, accessibility and proven county leadership, Jim Frye is the best choice for Shelby County Sheriff.

Nathan Brown