Mark Jordan for sheriff

To the editor:

Often we base our decisions on something or someone we are comfortable with. Most of us are afraid of any change at all. I think this is especially showing true with the current election for Sheriff of Shelby County. Mark Jordan has made it clear that he plans to make some changes with the way the Sheriff’s Office is ran. One big issue is the communication from the Sheriff’s Office and any outside agency. As a Police officer in one of the local Villages I have seen this first hand. One prime example is the local Chiefs meeting. This is a meeting of local law enforcement as well as members of the court. The Sheriff’s Office has quit attending these. How can someone say they are willing to work with other agencies and share information with each other if there is no communication? This is just one example of the many broken relationships with the Sheriff’s Office command. This March 17th I will be voting Mark Jordan for Sheriff and encourage you to do the same!

Austin Knight