Change is good

To the editor:

Here we go again, some would say a “very contested” race for sheriff. I attended the open forum several weeks ago as these two, Mark Jordan and Jim Frye answered questions in pursuit of our votes.

Both have the law enforcement qualifications with over thirty years each of serving different capacities for different communities.

The differences lie in two areas. The first would be Mark Jordan’s time spent in the private sector managing CIVICA CMI ( formerly called Creative Microsystems Inc. ) as their CEO over a six year period. It was a 10 million dollar company with 60 employees. Government entities need fresh eyes from time to time, and our county sheriff’s department is no different. Taxpayer spending by government officials is seen differently than how the taxpayer / private sector manager would scrutinize your tax dollars for efficiencies of running one of the largest departments in the county.

The second is the Red Flag issue, otherwise known as “gun violence restraining orders” (GVROs). This bill attempts to stop a potential “bad person” with a gun. Any person disgruntled with you could make a false grievance, starting a reluctant chain of events. Aptly stated by Dana Loesch, “it is an abrogation of due process to invert the order of “innocent until proven guilty” to “somewhat guilty until proven innocent”.

Columbus lawmakers seldom get a bill “right” and usually spend several general assemblies later fixing a bad bill. Anyone that has served in a government position knows this. Frye supported this attempt to pass this bill and Jordan did not. If passed, this 200 page piece of legislation, will open up a pandora’s box effecting the good guy with a gun. Stop messing with law abiding Ohioan’s 2nd Amendment rights.

Mark Jordan has my vote to serve as sheriff of Shelby County.

John Adams