Vote Mark Jordan for sheriff

To the editor:

Do you want a Sheriff that will protect our 2nd amendment rights and that understands the dangers of Red Flag Laws and the Strong Ohio gun bill, and that includes standing against the breach in due process of both? Mark Jordan is the candidate standing against Red Flag laws, unlike the present administration candidate.

Do you want a Sheriff that will use technology to improve our safety? Mark Jordan is extremely knowledgeable in this field. He has the experience to analyze, determine areas that need improvement and to act.

Do you want a Sheriff that will PARTNER with ALL the area law enforcement agencies? This has been a true problem in Shelby County. This is something that needs addressed immediately. The performance of the present administration in this is less than stellar, however well-intentioned they may be. Mark Jordan has already developed relationships with all of the area law enforcement agencies to be able to address this issue on day one.

Do you want a Sheriff that stands for Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability? That man is Mark Jordan!

Do you want a Sheriff that is accessible to the people, that is a servant to the community, that listens to the people and is compassionate towards the people? Do you want a Sheriff that can think for himself, but that will take good counsel? That candidate is Mark Jordan.

Do you want a Sheriff that will keep inmates safe? I don’t blame anything or anyone other than the performance of the leadership for this. An analysis needs to take place to find why this continues to be an issue. Mark Jordan will carry out that analysis immediately and will act where needed.

If you desire all these things, in believing that We Can Do More than what we are seeing at the present in the Sheriff’s office, then I encourage you to vote Mark Jordan for Sheriff!

David Aikin