Choose Jim Frye for sheriff

To the editor:

Though I am no longer a resident of Shelby County, Ohio, I would like to share my experiences working with Jim Frye who is a candidate for Shelby County Sheriff.

For nearly 30 years I worked within the Criminal Justice system in Shelby County in different capacities. I was the director of New Choices, the director of Victim Services, a Juvenile Probation officer, and a paralegal in the Prosecutor’s office. In all of those positions, I had the pleasure of interacting with Jim Frye on a professional basis. Jim was always very professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. As an investigator, he was thorough and his cases were well developed. Working with victims, he was very compassionate and able to assist victims in a caring manner. In the especially tough situations when we were doing death notifications to the family and loved ones of someone who had died, he was again very compassionate and provided strength to them in their grief.

I was also able to observe how Jim interacted with those who he supervised. Again, he was very professional and calm – providing appropriate guidance in tough situations while also being supportive of the staff member’s learning process.

When you consider who to cast you ballot for, I would urge you to choose Jim Frye. Not only is he a very capable law enforcement professional, he is an inherently good person.


Kathy Lindsey

Vero Beach, Florida