Elect Chief Deputy Jim Frye

To the editor:

While I do not claim to know all of the workings of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office I do know a little bit about Chief Deputy Jim Frye. I don’t break bread with Chief Deputy Frye on a daily basis. However you don’t have to do that to know what kind of man you are dealing with.

Jim Frye prior to being Chief Deputy, and after being appointed Chief Deputy was one of the guys you could call at the Shelby County Sheriff’s when you needed something and needed it right away.

I know Jim will not take the position of Sheriff lightly. He has never done that in any position he has held at the Sheriff’s Office. Although Jim is a Republican, he will not just represent a Democrat or a Republican, he will represent all the people of Shelby County.

Jim also has a military background that helps in Law enforcement.

I have been with Jim and around Jim and seen how he keeps a cool head in any type of situation. You need someone with experience in Law Enforcement, and someone who has handled a variety of situations as a Deputy Sheriff. He has compassion for people when working with them.

Until you have walked in the shoes of a Sheriff or Deputy you really don’t know what you’re getting into. As Chief Deputy and with his experience Jim understands this. There are many facets of a Sheriff’s Office that you must know to keep things running well. Jim knows them.

If I could cast a vote for Sheriff in Shelby County my vote would be for Chief Deputy Jim Frye.

Allen F. Solomon

Sheriff of Auglaize County