Jordan is the best choice for sheriff

To the editor:

I had the honor of serving the citizens of Shelby County with current Sheriff John Lenhart and four other Sheriffs during my law enforcement career. I was the jail administrator during the planning, design and construction of the “new jail on Gearhart Rd.

Shelby County Commissioners had declared all county owned facilities as tobacco free while we were still utilizing the Court Street jail. We were tasked to eliminate smoking and nicotine based products from inmate use. The policy was implemented and carried over to the new jail where zero nicotine products were allowed.

Current policy at the Shelby County Jail allows inmates to purchase vaping devices containing nicotine. I have read these nicotine products help calm the inmates preventing fights and other mischief.

This policy is disastrous on at least two levels; why would you allow inmates to continue addictive behavior in the jail when it threatens other inmates and staff with the effects of second hand smoke in this day and age? Secondly, current leadership talks a good game about curbing addiction to chemicals but then sells devices containing highly addictive nicotine to the inmates in the name of profit for jail operations.

Mark Jordon will bring a fresh look to all aspects of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Mark has the experience both in law enforcement and business to expertly lead the dedicated men and women who work there. Mark will work diligently to repair working relationships with other local law enforcement agencies for the good of all Shelby County citizens not just hold meetings about it. Mark will listen to the men and women who do this work every day and have suggestions to make things better, easier. Mark Jordan is the best choice for the next Sheriff of Shelby County.

Please join me and many others in supporting Mark Jordan for Shelby County Sheriff.

Jim Moorman