Festival or health?

To the editor:

Well, spring is here and soon summer will be too. It’s that time again for the many festival to be here, but this year is different. Attending the festivals this year will be the Coronavirus. Do I need to say more? How may festivals are you going to attend? How healthy is the food going to be with the vendors?

Do you really believe that everyone attending these events, no matter how large or small will be OK to be around. The Maple Festival in Dayton which draws huge crowds cancelled, and the Indianapolis has been postponed. Who knows what’s going to happen in the sports area. All campgrounds in the state has closed for the season.

Remember what’s important — a festival or your health? The biggest is the Country Concert in Newport. Fans from all across the country attend. What’s the chance of someone not having this virus?

Three nights of thousands of fans, elbow to elbow, not knowing what’s going on with the alcohol. Sounds like a health disaster to me.

I believe you know the rest of the story. Let the health department and county commissioners know what you think.

Who knows who might have the virus and still attend any of these events. So the question is, what’s more important, a festival or your health?

John Flaute