Workforce Partnership supports Sidney School levy

To the editor:

The Workforce Partnership of Shelby County is collaborating with Sidney City Schools to increase graduation rates and fill today’s in-demand jobs right here in Sidney and Shelby County. New efforts on expanding career pathways for students at Sidney will help us retain local talent by providing solutions for many of our employers. By supporting the Sidney City Schools levy, you will assure that our important work will continue.

The Workforce Partnership of Shelby County is an initiative powered by more than 40 companies and organizations throughout Shelby County. Our mission is to help strengthen the future workforce by aligning the workforce and education systems to respond to the skills needs of our local employers. Sidney City Schools was the first district in Shelby County to launch workforce classrooms and programs and they have continued to be a proactive partners in our efforts.

A strong school system is the foundation of a strong community. The Workforce Partnership of Shelby County encourages you to please vote YES for the Sidney City Schools levy.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Workforce Partnership of Shelby County,

Martin (Mick) Given, Chairman

Deb McDermott, Executive Director