Re-elect Justice Sharon L. Kennedy

To the editor:

I strongly agree that that is one of the important roles of a president. But here at home in Ohio – we are the president – because we select our judges with our vote. I urge all of my family, friends, and neighbors to vote for Justice Sharon L. Kennedy.

Sharon has had an amazing career of service – 34 years of diverse service in fact from police officer, to lawyer, to trial court judges, to justice. That service is meaningful when you compare it to all of the different types of cases that Sharon hears at the Ohio Supreme Court. But what matters more than that resume – is what she has done with her personal time.

As a trial court judge during economic decline in 2009 Sharon organized and started the Budget Workgroup. Bringing officeholders and business leaders together to steer the county through tough economic times and providing a blueprint for future fiscal responsibility. Imagine – an elected official – solving real problems – finding real solutions – with fiscal responsibility. This article and others tell the story county-avoid-financial-crisis/ZuSGyQ7Bm2DPerZ9Lwk5YM/.

For me – when I cast my ballot – I’m going to vote for a true experienced leader and re-elect Justice Sharon L. Kennedy.

Ronald F. Meyer