Re-elect Justices Sharon Kennedy and Judi French

To the editor:

This message is for all local conservative voters.

In the upcoming election, Ohio is in danger of losing the conservative majority on the Ohio Supreme Court that we have enjoyed for many years.

Justice Sharon Kennedy and Justice Judi French are both up for re-election and both have serious liberal opponents. These two jurists have clearly demonstrated their judicial credentials in the conservative, common sense decisions they have rendered on behalf of Ohioans.

The current makeup of the Court is such that if EITHER of these jurists fails to be re-elected, the majority will fall into the hands of liberals whose views certainly are not in sync with most of us in the Shelby County area.

Please cut out this letter, print it if you are reading the digital edition, or at least write these names down and have them with you when you vote whether in person or by mail.

Supreme Court candidates do not have a party affiliation shown on the ballot and too many voters either skip those races or even mark the ballot in favor of a name that simply sounds familiar. We cannot afford to do that in this crucial election.

Given the grave importance of the Presidential election plus these two key judicial choices it is extremely important that we ALL cast a well-informed ballot on or before November 3rd.

Denny York