Re-elect Kennedy, French to the bench

To the editor:

I believe that Sharon Kennedy & Judi French are the best qualified candidates for the Supreme Court bench here in Ohio.

They believe in interpreting the constitution, not in legislating from the bench. That philosophy is extremely important because it protects us from activist judges who make up the rules as they go along.

Both have a long record of public service and are highly qualified. Both share endorsements from Ohio Right to Life; Buckeye Firearms & the National Federation of Independent Businesses among others.

With the exception of Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, Justices French and Kennedy are the longest-tenured justices on the Supreme Court, which has experienced significant turnover in recent years.

“In Ohio, we elect our judges, and there is a lot at stake in these two races,” said Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President Adam Sharp. “Now is not the time to overlook the importance of the judicial branch. The results of Ohio Supreme Court decisions affect not just businesses and our legal climate, but they affect each of us as consumers, landowners, taxpayers and employees. To ensure the Supreme Court will safeguard our economy as it begins to recover from the pandemic, Ohioans should re-elect Justices Kennedy and French this November.”

“Justices Kennedy and French have been stalwarts in respecting the separation of powers and protecting all Ohioans from judicial activism,” said Executive Director for NFIB in Ohio Roger Geiger. “Their philosophy of judicial restraint lends itself to maintain a stable legal environment in Ohio, which is important to small business owners as they plan for the future.”

Let us take advantage of this opportunity to re-elect Sharon Kennedy & Judi French to the bench!

Mary C. Schmiesing