Research candidates running for office

To the editor:

I am writing this to ask all to please research the folks running for office before you vote! I am so proud to be an American, but so many people anymore don’t seem to be. I believe in God and our Constitution. I love this country. Me and a friend just got back from a 5400 mile road trip and 15 states. Wow. Went to the national parks from the Arch in St. Louis clear to the glaciers of Montana. Got to talk with so many folks in little cafes along the way. A lot of farmers and ranchers in the mornings having coffee and small talk. When they’d find out where we were from they wanted to know how the politics are going here. Most of the ones we talked to were so worried how this election was going to go. Most all of them were so pro Pres. Trump and a lot of them brought up Jim Jordan being from Ohio, and I was proud to tell them he was from our dist and we got to vote for him! The folks in the Dakota Wyoming area was so worried if he didn’t get back in it would kill their economy.- A lot of oil country out there. And we heard so much, we have to stop abortion, late term and partial birth. They just couldn’t understand how you could be a Christian and go to church and go along with that. So many you could tell were God fearing church going folks. But also almost everyone we talked with thought we needed to close ties with China. Lots of people are so scared – of what the outcome will be if the Democrats get back in! And so much discussion about leaving God out of everything anymore. So please I know there is not a perfect person running or even in this world. But we do have to research and see who is the best person to put our lives in their hands. Myself I am for Pres Trump and our fighting Congressman Jim Jordan. But you got to make up your own minds. But do think, do we still want late term abortion, such tight ties with China, do we want our military and police forces cut, and research what did Biden do for us as Americans in the last 47 yrs.

Thank you, and you love to hear what you think!

Dick Vondenhuevel