Vote Trump to support pro-life

To the editor:

Something to think about as we get ready for the election is how Planned Parenthood is contributing to Democratic candidates and campaigns in order to protect hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue coming into the abortion giant’s corporation.

The organization’s total revenue was recorded at $1.64 billion in 2019.

Information on PAC and Super PAC spending on shows Planned Parenthood Votes has raised $13.3 million this election cycle.

But the investment Planned Parenthood makes in Democratic politics is minor compared to the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars if it loses the 2020 election and government funding for its business becoming more restricted.

Planned Parenthood has also endorsed the Democratic ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Biden now appears in a Planned Parenthood ad in which he promises to promote abortion domestically and internationally and declares, “I am proud to join you in this fight.”

Planned Parenthood and the Democratic party have become partners in the promotion of abortion. On the other hand, President Trump has a proven record of pro-life actions including cutting off tax money for Planned Parenthood.

Let us stand with him with our votes this election.

Sally Naseman