Vote Kennedy and French for justices

To the editor:

I am writing to endorse two candidates for Ohio Supreme Court Justice — Sharon L. Kennedy and Judi French. Kennedy started her career as a police officer in Hamilton in 1985 before entering the legal system. As an Associate Justice on the Ohio Supreme Court she was originally elected to fill an unexpired term in 2014. Honoring her limited role in government and interpreting the law is an important aspect of her work. She also has been an advocate for veterans with “Lean Forward: Advancing the Treatment of Veterans Across Ohio”.

Judi French has served seven years on the Ohio Supreme Court and before that she was an Appellate Judge in the Columbus area 10th District Court of Appeals.

Both women are up front about conservatism and their legal philosophy. The control of Ohio’s high Court is at stake with this election. If you are conservative, Kennedy and French will represent you fairly and according to the law.

Lola Billiel