Vote Kennedy, French for Ohio Supreme Court

To the editor:

I wish to take this opportunity to encourage the voters of Shelby County to vote for two outstanding candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court.

Justice Sharon L. Kennedy has 34 years of experience, ranging from serving as a police attorney, to Butler County Domestic Relations Judge, and now as a Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court.

But Justice Kennedy’s service to Ohio extends beyond being a Supreme Court judge. She is also dedicated to her Lean Forward initiative to advance the treatment of service members and veterans who have found themselves in the criminal justice system as a result of the effects of serving in warfare. For five years, Justice Kennedy has been educating judges, probation and parole officers and others in what treatment options are available for those who have served us in the military.

Sharon L. Kennedy is just the type of person we need serving on the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Another outstanding candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court is Justice Judi French. Judge French has 25 years of legal experience, and has earned a reputation as a conservative judge in interpreting both the Ohio and the United States Constitutions.

Justice French pledges to remain dedicated to interpreting the laws of Ohio fairly, to respect the other branches of government, and to continue serving the people of Ohio with her full measure of energy and devotion.

Ohio voters need to keep in mind that the Ohio Supreme Court rules on matters of the fair administration of justice. The Ohio Supreme Courts issues rulings on the laws and regulations that govern matters of individual freedom and the ability of business to operate in a logical manner.

I call upon the voters of Shelby County to vote for Justice Sharon L. Kennedy and Justice Judi French to serve on the Ohio Supreme Court, to ensure that conservative and sound principles guide our legal system.

Terry Pellman