Vote Stienecker for Auglaize County coroner

To the editor:

After serving as Auglaize County Coroner for over 35 years I have learned that experience is probably one of the most important qualifications for being coroner. Jason Stienecker has that qualification. After graduating from New Knoxville high school in 2003 he attended the University of Toledo graduating in 2007. During those years he worked at the Lucas County Coroner’s office learning all aspects of a busy regional coroner’s office. Throughout the years of his medical education residency, and fellowship he continued his interest in Forensic Medicine. Dr. Stienecker would often attend the Ohio State Coroner’s Association annual meetings which were largely educational in nature. He has served as deputy coroner for Auglaize County for several years and subsequently was appointed coroner after my retirement in Jan. 1 of 2020.

Besides his experience in Forensic Medicine Jason is a very caring, kind, and compassionate pulmonary specialist who has advanced training in pulmonary critical care. Dr. Stienecker has also learned through his experience that scene investigation is an extremely important tool that helps a coroner make his cause and manner of death determination. With one of the first board-certified death investigators in the state of Ohio serving as his chief investigator he will serve our citizens well. Jason is basically a hometown New Knoxville boy who returned to serve the citizens of Auglaize County not only as a pulmonary specialist but as county coroner.

Therefore considering Dr. Jason Stienecker’s experience, knowledge and hometown approach to being Auglaize County Coroner I wholeheartedly endorse him and support him in this upcoming November 3rd election.

Dr. Thomas R. Freytag, retired Auglaize County coroner