Vote ‘yes’ on Auglaize Co. aging levy renewal

Letter to the editor:

On November 3rd, we will have a one mill 5 year renewal levy on the election ballot. We have been giving direct services to encourage independent living for the elderly for 44 years. As we reflect on the past 44 years, we see many accomplishments. However, we cannot afford to rest on those accomplishments alone. We are proud to be a part of a community/county that continues to support our efforts for those we serve.

Please vote yes on our renewal in November. This is a shared responsibility; your vote counts. The demands for our vital services continue to increase. For only pennies a day, you can help us continue to provide quality service to county elderly. The benefits far outweigh the cost.

Elderly people want to keep living in their own homes as long as they can. Your yes vote will help provide for some of their special needs.

Our key services are Transportation, which we drove 1,276,406.5 miles and served approximately 2025 clients in the last five years; Chore, which provided 8,964.25 hours of service for 778 clients; Homemaker, which provided 10,388.25 hours of services for 464 clients; and Transitional Meals which logged 25,111 miles delivering 6,469 meals. Approximately 100 seniors visit both meal sites daily. Our Outreach Specialists saw 2,867 new clients within the past five years. We mail out approximately 2,000 free newsletters quarterly.

We offer many other services, information, support groups and socialization. Please remember your precious right to vote on November 3rd. No New Taxes!

Thank you for your continued support!


Robert J. Warren

Executive Director

Auglaize County Council on Aging

Board of Trustees: Elaine Altstaetter, President; Don Luedeke, Vice-President; Carol Wilson, Secretary; Troy Anderson, Treasurer, Janet Bassitt; Richard Howe; Lavonne Eley; Pastor Dennis Gaertner; and Elaine Byer Citizens Committee for the ACCA Levy: Pastor Rick Sheer, Chairman/Treasurer; Patti Hamilton, Vice-Chair; Janet Schuller; John Bergman; Josh Little; Ronda Shelby; Jessica Muhlenkamp; Logan O’Neil; Pamela Kennon; Rex Katterheinrich and Alex Rompilla.