Vote Trump

To the editor:

It takes tremendous stamina and mental acuity to lead the most powerful country in the free world and Biden’s is suspect. The big question is IF Biden wins, when will he remove himself from office or will the Democrat party do it for him under the 25th Amendment. Despite telling signs, they will claim they were misled on how advanced his physical condition was. The liberal media, who has bent over backward to constantly portray Joe in the most favorable light, will also claim stunned disbelief that he declined so rapidly. Harris, an inexperienced freshman senator, is considered the most liberal and was the least popular candidate in the primary. During the recent debate when challenged on her poor record as Attorney General in California she sidestepped saying “California should be a model for the US” and that is frightening. California and New York among others under liberal Democrat policies are drowning in debt, escalating crime, destruction, and mismanagement on all fronts with citizens fleeing to conservative states. Senator Harris stated recently “under a Harris administration”, caught herself and rephrased it as “Biden/Harris administration. She was telling the truth because she knows the outcome already. Our biggest concern should be who will be running the government because even if Senator Harris becomes president, she will be a figurehead only. Most likely, an ultra-liberal group with damaging anti-America socialist agendas will wield the power of the presidency.

Trump’s personality may irritate some but his policies created prosperity for Americans on many fronts over the past 3.5 years and remarkable by any standard. Historically, the media and press followed respectful and accurate reporting of facts allowing the public draw their own conclusions. This has eroded over time but with Trump they have shed any pretense of fairness or even truth. Never has a president faced such outrageous, vicious, and blatantly untrue news stories as they and the Democrat leaders concoct about Trump. Political agenda matters, not truth. Pelosi foolishly said with the Obamacare vote, “We have to pass the bill to know what’s in it.” Apparently, people have to vote for Biden to discover later who will actually run the government. Americans are voting blind if they vote for Biden. Vote Trump because his record of success on all fronts for America is superior to past presidents and Americans know exactly where he stands on every issue. No bait and switch here.

Bonnie Sturm