What will we do if Trump is re-elected?

By Joe West - Guest columnist

To the editor:

As I write this op-ed, we have in the United States, alone, 7.8 million infected and over 218,000 dead from COVID-19. Trump had known of COVID-19 since late January, but declined to take action for nearly two months.

His stopping of people from China coming into the U.S. was not in time and 40,000 still managed to enter the U.S. He has not allowed the experts to do their job on initiating stopgap procedures to curb the infection rate. Due to his ineptitude, he is guilty of tens of thousands of deaths in this country.

He has promoted open rallies to smooth his fragile ego and now many of his followers are also infected. Remember Herman Cain? Now in his “clutch” of followers in the White House are infected. Himself, three U.S. senators, and a count so far of 24.

The Rose Garden event for the new candidate for the Supreme Court had hundreds of people exposed to COVID-19. He is not cured! There is no cure for COVID-19. Because he is president, he was given many doses of drugs to alleviate the symptoms, including high doses of steroids which does give a person a higher state of aggressiveness. Which accounts for his latest bazaar behavior.

He says that he is cured. Not! He still has it. Now he wants to go on the road and spread it even more. He does not care about anyone but himself. A month ago he called anyone that has died in service to their country, “suckers and losers.” When the so called tax bill was passed, the middle class was given a small tax break. But the real crime is he also gave it to the ultra rich and bragged that he has just made them richer. They did not reinvest it. They just bought their stocks back. Now our national debt has increased by 1.5 trillion dollars. He is still accused of sexual assault by 24 women. Our international relations are in a shambles. Iran, North Korea, Russia and Turkey, stroke him like the foolish insecure man that he is. His questionable claim that he has created millions of jobs is only an indication that he was riding the coat tails on Obama Administration successes. He has destroyed this economy.

In the Mueller report, he is still guilty of collusion and obstruction of justice. The ACA is helping people that have no, or lost, insurance due the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of people have been able to enroll onto it. And he is trying to repeal it through the Supreme Court. His goals are to eliminate Social Security, USPS, Medicare, SNAP, and to force people to invest in a new Social Security plan by investing in the stock market!! Do you want already rich people to play with your money?

Trump has already stopped Social Security deductions in payrolls until Dec. 31., which will cause a short fall of millions of dollars to the Social Security Administration. Fortunately, many companies are not playing that game. He has encouraged white supremacists to raise their ugly head. Look what happened in Michigan on Oct. 8.

What I have written is just a taste of what that man has done to this country. He is a lying, amoral, immoral, racist, sexist person. What will he do if he gets four more years? Scary stuff!

Joe West



By Joe West

Guest columnist

The writer is a Covington resident.

The writer is a Covington resident.