Vote Republican

To the editor:

This is not an election in which we are voting on personalities of the Presidential candidates. This is an election in which we are voting for what each man will do once they are elected.

Look at the patterns of socialism in states with Democrat Governors and Mayors. Think about what will happen if a Democrat President is elected. If you go against their ideas, they will burn your neighborhoods. If you speak up, you will lose your job. They will take away your guns so you cannot defend yourself against the anarchists. Remember the couple defending their property? THEY are the ones being prosecuted, not the protestors. They will tell you what, when and if you can worship. Cuomo is currently saying he will arrest religious groups of more than 25 who gather to pray. THINK ABOUT THAT!

They will enact legislation that will mandate that churches agree to hire employees even if engaged in serious immoral standards. When churches cannot do that, because it’s against their church teachings, the churches will be taxed and therefore will have to close. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GIVE UP WORSHIPPING AT YOUR CHURCH?

They will force businesses to hire whom they mandate. They plan to raise corporate taxes, which one industry expert estimated: “tens of millions could lose their retirement benefits.” They will tell you what you can eat. Remember NYC trying to tell you what size soft drink you could purchase?. They will take away your ability to make your own medical decisions. YOUR LIFE WILL BE IN DANGER if they think you are costing the government too much money, and euthanasia will become the law of the land for seniors. They will confiscate your money through taxes. They will add Supreme Court justices that will agree to change our rights in the Constitution. They will turn your children against you through indoctrination in your public and private schools, and they will destroy the family. Harris pretends to be “for the people,” but it was she who put five times more blacks in jail. They aren’t the party of “all let’s get along”. They use anarchists to intimidate, but ultimately, they are fascistic socialists. Wake up, America!! Know who you are voting for!! Vote Republican!

Mary Durbin