Reader responds to recent letter to the editor

To the editor:

A letter was posted recently asking why Republicans “say that Democrats do not appreciate the working men and women.” I find that statement a little ingenuous. May I suggest a few reasons people might feel that way?

The 2008 Democratic presidential candidate said that people who live in small towns in the Midwest are “bitter, clinging to their guns and Bibles…” (the full quotation is available online). The 2016 Democratic candidate said that people who supported her opponent were “a basket of deplorables.” The 2020 Democratic candidate called his opponent’s supporters “chumps” and told black Americans that if they didn’t vote for him, “you ain’t black.” Perhaps the most telling statement that candidate made was, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Was this a gaffe or a statement of truth? Whichever, it shows a complete lack of faith in the American people. No national Democrat has denounced these statements.

Would you believe that a city or state government cared about you if they let “mostly peaceful protesters” burn, loot, and destroy the business that was the lifeblood of your life? Especially if you were a legal immigrant or person of any color who had built that business from nothing? When “protesters” could riot nightly but worshipers couldn’t go to church? When it protected illegal immigrants who attacked or murdered your child and then refused to turn them over to a governmental agency specifically commissioned to protect you from such people? When it prevents police from arresting lawbreakers and even from protecting themselves? When nursing home residents cannot see their families?

The letter’s writer stated that a child should not “be brought into a world of cruelty, pain, and even violence,:” First, there will always be cruelty and pain in the world; all we can hope to do is keep them to a minimum by creating a law-abiding society. Second, has the writer ever observed an abortion in which a baby is ripped from its mother’s womb? Could there be a more excruciating way to die?

The Democratic party “wants to help every individual” by assuming responsibility for every aspect of their lives. Faith in each person’s ability to live their life is more respectful and appreciated.

Nadine Bryan