How to address envelopes

Dear Editor:

With the Holiday season in full swing, I have received many good wishes from friends and family. I truly appreciate being remembered. However, since I am a widow, all of my associates with only one exception seem unaware of how to address my envelopes. (Thank you Edison College)

Since my senders did not know whether to address me as Mrs. Ms or Miss, they just avoided the title all together and sent the card to Kathy Lukey. As I certainly feel like Mrs. I would prefer that title. In fact, as I looked it up Mrs. Jack would still be appropriate and it would warm my heart to see that on the address. However, Mrs. J. Kathryn would be my second choice as that is my legal given name. Please don’t think I am not appreciative of the many cards that I received but I thought my friends would like to know how I feel. When I goggled the topic, they suggested that Mrs. Jack is certainly legal and appropriate. However, they suggested the best path would be to ask the widow how she would prefer to get her mail. I just thought that others might like some clarification on this topic.

J. Kathryn Lukey