‘Enough is enough;’ we need to move forward

To the editor:

Like others, I watched the events that unfolded at the Capitol with a mixture of horror, disbelief, sadness, and anger.

When I began reading the article “Shocked, sickening, disturbing in the January 8th edition, I expected an unbiased account of the events that unfolded. Instead, I found the report had an infusion of a sense of understanding the motivations that drove the despicable actions.

I preference this by saying that I know I am a Black American, Democrat living in a Republican county. The article included this quote, “The majority of Americans will not stand for socialism and the liberals are trying to invoke their beliefs upon us.” I am a nurse and a moderate liberal and tired of the rhetoric and discriminatory talk from Republicans that all democrats want to turn America into a socialist nation. In my view, the Democrat platform is not pushed any more than the Republican one. To say otherwise is discriminatory and promotes division.

The article also had a quote that expressed disappointment for the Senators who failed to continue support for challenging the vote in targeted states. In my view, those Senators were right to let that issue go. There are irregularities in every election. COVID changed many things in American life. Most adjustments to the pandemic were done on the fly and many without the best plan. There continues to be a learning curve. This was the first time we have been forced to deal with such a situation.

Yet despite changes in so many facets of our lives, there is a group that supports the President who thinks that the election process should have remained the same. That was impossible. Changes in processes were made quickly in response to a unique situation. The guiding principle was to ensure that every American who desired to vote could do so. The issue of fraud has been judged by courts to be unproven. There has been no irregularity to the point that 7 million illegal votes were cast. Certainly, each state should review the election process of 2020 and develop improvement plans. We need to move forward and fix what is broken and restore our Democracy. As Lindsey Graham said, “Enough is enough.”

Maryam Lyon