Letter responds to editorial column

To the editor:

In response to Turner’s opinion piece- Biden won a record low of only 17% of US counties- 300 less than Obama. The Republicans- despite having 23 incumbents up vs. the Democrat’s 10- lost only two Senators and enjoyed a red wave in the House. Trump’s party didn’t lose a single state legislature, instead made gains- same with governors. Yet, we are to believe that Biden got 80 million votes.

There are 3000+ affidavits of election irregularities and fraud- everything from ballots being scanned and counted multiple times, ballots being “adjudicated” 100% for Biden (Trump votes changed to Biden), 1000’s of ballots coming from uninhabited addresses, etc.. MI, PA, WI, GA, AZ, & NV had blocking of Republican poll watchers and fraudulent voting in the name of the dead, moved-out-of-state, and non-existent addresses. They had mail-in/absentee ballot rejection rates that were four to thirty times lower than normal, indicating that screening of these ballots was almost non-existent and comparably unfair to in-person voters.

Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania had unexplained stoppage of the counting on election night followed by immediate, unbelievable HUGE ballot dumps for Biden while Georgia had the same stoppage, only explained by a now know-to-be fraudulent “water leak” accompanied by Democrat (only) poll workers staying behind and grabbing ballots out from under a table followed by an immediate, unbelievable, HUGE ballot dump for Biden! Arizona had Democrats caught buying votes from Indian tribe members, now the Maricopa county supervisors are defying a subpoena and won’t turn over the voting machines for inspection! Nevada had its “signature matching” threshold set at 40% which rendered it meaningless.

Recall the alleged election fraud of 2000 Gore vs Bush. The Supreme Court took it SERIOUSLY (as they should) ordering the State of Florida to examine ballots (many with magnifying glasses). It took five weeks, many votes were thrown out and Bush became President. THIS YEAR there were allegations of fraud involving hundreds of thousands of ballots (fake ballots, dead people voting, out of state votes, ballots mailed in way too late, non-existent ballots) with 3000+ affidavits from citizens alleging they saw fraud and the courts and state legislatures said


Anyone who says it’s “racist” to contest this election is either ignorant of the depth and seriousness of the testimony and evidence regarding fraud or smear-mongering.

Dave McMahan