Abuse of the elderly

To the editor:

As the saga of Covid 19 continues, we look at the plight of our elderly in nursing homes. It’s very sad. Their told to stay in their rooms at all times and no one will be able to come to see them. Their meals are brought to their rooms where they eat it alone every day. They are completely isolated from others. Why is this happening? Our dear elderly are basically in solitary confinement. Who of us would like to hear someone say, “Go to your room and don’t come out. No one can come to see you. You will eat your meals alone in your room.” This is cruel, mean and a type of torture.

You can go to Walmart, Kroger or the Pharmacy and see elderly people all the time out and about. And yet nursing homes should be the best for the elderly since all nurses and aides wear masks and are vaccinated. So what’s behind this? Is this total confinement suppose to help our elderly? Please, let them out of their rooms so they can see other people. Stop this abuse.

Carol Lis