Non-traditional vehicles on streets

To the editor:

I had to chuckle when I read in the Sidney Daily News about the new law forbidding golf cart owners from driving their carts on city streets. For three months this past summer I tried to get the police to enforce an existing city ordinance that prohibits semi-trucks and other over weight truck traffic from driving through my residential neighborhood. As of this date nothing has been done to curtail the truck traffic. Now chief Balling and city council have outlawed golf carts and other slow moving non-traditional vehicles from using city streets. Balling told me that he didn’t have the manpower to patrol my neighborhood enough to enforce the ordinance. If this is so, how does he expect to nab those pesky golf carts drivers? If I was a golf cart owner I don’t think I would fear the police enforcing the new law. Not in my neighborhood anyway.

Joe Dunaway