Vote ‘Yes’ on the Sidney Schools levy

To the editor:

I am proud to say that I was an employee of Sidney City Schools for 19 years. During that time, I met some of the finest educators who were and are the most dedicated professionals I have ever met. Our schools have a levy on the ballot to support the staff and students of this excellent school district. One of the unique features of this levy is that it will not tax retirement income, pensions, social security and many other incomes. This is especially good news for our senior citizens of Sidney. After I retired from Sidney I went to work for the Senior Center of Sidney-Shelby County for 8 years. During that time, I met so many wonderful people who were on fixed incomes and had to be very thrifty with their money. Fortunately, we were supported by the city, the County, The United Way, and several businesses and industry so we could keep our costs down to join and participate in many activities at the center. The community of Sidney has been so supportive of all seniors. It is time for we seniors to stand up and support our children. And that can be accomplished by simply voting yes for Sidney City Schools .75% income tax. It won’t cost most seniors anything, but it will go a long way to providing the best possible education for the youth and future leaders of our community. Please vote yes for our children, our staff and our future.

David McKay