Vote ‘Yes’ on the Sidney City Schools levy

To the editor:

My name is Tim Gleason and I have been in real estate sales for over 30 years. I Love this community and am proud to say I’m a lifelong resident of Sidney, Ohio. I’m proud of the beautiful court square, the revitalized downtown, the awesome park facilities and I could go on and on. One of the first and most important questions is does the community support the public school system. If the answer is NO then they look to other communities. If you want Sidney to grow & prosper please join me in voting YES on or before May 4th FOR SIDNEY CITY SCHOOLS. This levy is needed because compared to other school districts our district is terribly underfunded. The earned income levy is I think the best way to proceed forward because you are taxed on earned income, not retirement income like pensions etc…If this levy passes our tax base will still be lower than that of Piqua, Troy, Greenville and Vandalia. These are comparable schools in size and demographics.

Tim Gleason, Broker/Owner

Realty 2000 Group, Inc.