To the editor:

I am writing today to please ask drivers to slow down going up and coming down on Dingman Slagle Road off state Route 47.

It was heartbreaking on Wednesday, June 30, of this year to see that someone had hit a fawn and left the scene. The fawn was clearly alive and struggling to get up, so it was quite active. (How anyone could hit it, then leave is on them). There are trees along both sides halfway up that hill, so the deer jump out at a moment’s notice.

I did stop, thank goodness while I was trying to calm the fawn, two other ladies stopped ans called the police. I wasn’t pleased with the outcome of what happened, I was hoping a vet could save it, not knowing if the internal was injured, it did have apparent injuries especially on upper half that was visible to the eye. I was with the fawn long enough to want to protect and save it. (I love deer, each time I see one, you’d think it was the first time, I get so excited).

These helpless, injured animals have to suffer until they either recover or gradually die. I urge you, to please slow down! (What if that had been a child or person on a bicycle?). I noticed there are no deer crossing signs up, it may not do any good, I am trying to get them erected. So to the person that didn’t care, the fawn was “put down” as they say, I am more blunt, it was killed to prevent any longer suffering.

You had to of known you hit it, there would’ve been a thump, damage to your vehicle……something. If people slow down, that is all I ask.

Thank you.

Kim Schweitzer