Reader comments on ‘SILENCE’ of BOE candidates

To the editor:

A questionnaire was sent out by a member of the Shelby County Republican Party Central Committee for all five candidates seeking a seat on the Sidney Board of Education, with a deadline of October 17th. To date, only one person has answered the questionnaire, Doug Jackson. Here are the questions:

Do you support mask/vaccine mandates? Why or why not and by which authority would you back your decision?

Do you believe that parents have the right to direct the education of their children? Why or why not and by which authority would you back your decision?

Should schools require parental consent (opt in) to teach children Comprehensive Sexuality Education? Why or why not and by which authority would you back your decision?

Would you support or oppose anti-CRT policy, anti-SEL policy, or anti-1619 Project policy within the School District? Why and by which authority would you back your decision?

There are two competing Resolutions that were placed before the Ohio State School Board recently:

“Resolution to Condemn Racism and to Advance Equity and Opportunity for Black Students, Indigenous Students and students of Color;”

“Resolution to Promote Academic Excellence in K-12 Education for Each Ohio Student Without Prejudice or Respect to Race, Ethnicity or Creed.

Which would you support and why? By which authority would you back your decision?

One candidate stated that “the questions are not relevant to Ohio and Shelby County.” Running for office exposes the candidate to the people voting for them, and the voters need answers so as to better understand how that person will represent the parents interests regarding their children’s education.

I have read the answers put forth by the Sidney Daily News of Bosslet, Dickman and Jackson. I support Doug Jackson for these reasons. Two of the hottest issues in Ohio are mask/vaccine mandates and CRT (Critical Race Theory ). The Sidney Daily News did not address either subject. How Doug Jackson responded to the newspaper gives me insight to his understanding of just how the legislature and the Ohio State Board of Education effect policies at the local level. I also have a better understanding of a candidate willing to answer a questionnaire on subjects that effect the student, parent and the classroom.

John Adams