Are vaccines safe?

To the editor:

How safe are the mrna covid vaccines? The mrna technology has never been used in a vaccine before. There have been no long-term safety studies because there has been no long-term use. Dr. Peter McCullough, renowned cardiologist and author of over 650 articles and editor of one journal reports “to date there are over 1000 peer reviewed medical articles in medical journals on adverse reactions to covid vaccines”.

As of January 7, 2022 the FDA and CDC VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) has had over 1,033,992 safety reports from covid vaccine with 21,745 deaths, 8811 fatal anaphylaxis reactions, 24,791 life threating reactions, 34,466 severe allergic reactions, 37,937 permanent disabilities from covid vaccine, 115,754 hospitalizations for adverse reactions , 112,235 urgent care visits, 161,439 office visits for adverse reactions, 25,773 cases of myocarditis /pericarditis and 12,951 cases of Bell’s palsy! The Electronic Support for Public Health Adverse Reporting System study ( results showed “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” to VAERS.

The Swedish Health Agency recently recommended against covid vaccines for children under 11 saying “with the knowledge we have today and with a low risk of serious disease for kids we don’t see any clear benefit with vaccinating them”. Britain has ended all mandates for covid vaccines and boosters, work restrictions and masks. Israel has over 90% of its population vaccinated and has had a very large omicron outbreak.

The media many times ignores, takes down, or says its misinformation if someone shares that they or a loved one died or had an adverse reaction to the covid shot. Some covid vaccines available in US are not fully approved by the FDA and still under Emergency Use Authorization.

In healthy children and teens, the risk of dying from covid infections is very rare while there is a real risk of adverse reactions for them. Dr. Robert Malone who developed the mrna technology warns that children may risk severe adverse effects from the vaccine. He is not alone; 17,000 scientists and doctors have signed a statement which details their reasons and resources. Please be sure to check out because informed consent about risks and benefits for you children is essential for good health care decisions.

Colleen Tebbe PharmD

Anna OH