Reader comments on mandates

To the editor:

This is an inquiry as to why you have covered very little of perhaps one of the biggest protests that this Country has seen for an extended period of time. This protest is an all people protest against the EMERGENCY POWERS ACT and the Mask Mandates and Shot Mandates. This action against the government is about the freedoms of our God given rights within this United States. This is about the ability to determine what is and is not going to be injected into our body.

This is for the freedoms of our children and grandchildren.

Let’s look at some facts————The mask have not worked from receiving nor transmitting said virus. Even N-95 mask are only 95% effective.

Obviously, after two shots and a booster and another on the way, the shots are not working for transmit nor getting it either

Now a 5th shot is coming—when will it stop?

PLEASE Look at the 10 laws that California is trying to push on its people and tell me if you want it in your community.

Recently produced another bill that would allow a 7-day old child could be euthanized as an aborted baby—-this is sick.

I watch television and as well as most mainstream media, coverage of growing Protest that involves the Freedom of all people throughout the world. We have to remind our government with a saying within the convoy that “THEY WORK FOR US”

The convoy is growing daily and now has a chapter in every state, including Ohio.

This has grown so large; I don’t see how the media can ignore this news.

This is neither a political left nor right issue. It is a human rights issue. It is not black, white, Mexican, red or green—-it is a rights issue. It is not a shot or mask issue—-it is a freedom issue. If you want to wear a mask or get the jab, feel free to do so. The convoy and its millions of followers are just saying that they don’t want you to tell them what to do with their bodies or freedoms that have been God given and protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this opinion. If you don’t care about your rights, I guess this will offend you.

Joe Wilbur