Being different

To the editor:

A question, would you agree that each person is different in different ways. Your answer is important in understanding the following and you must keep an open mind.

The other day was reacquainted with an old friend. We greeted each other and he said, John, I need to talk, you will understand. He looked troubled, nervous, emotional with tears. After he calmed down, I ask what’s bothering you? Can I help?

Not knowing the help he wanted, it was the same help and answers that I have been searching. He said, John, I have been hiding a secret for a long time, you see, I’m a transgender.

Being in his shoes, I knew what he meant, I didn’t mention that we shared the same issue. I should have, it would have helped. I said there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just the way you are. The problem is that other people have closed minds and can’t accept some differences of others. I know what he’s going through because I’m experiencing it as well.

He said it’s like you are the book cover and the feminine side are the pages you can’t control. He said he has good days but the bad days or more and wants to hide.

Transgender is not an illness, mental condition, it’s a mix up of ones hormones at birth, 10% male, 90% female. A transgender person is the same as you and me. (

We talked a while and then said, thank you friend. It’s hard to talk about certain issues. I’m glad we talked since we have it in common.

I’m writing this for myself and my friend in hopes that you the reader have the answer. If you do, I’ll make sure my friend gets them.

We both cleaned out our closet, myself, sharing this, and my friend having someone to talk to. It’s rare in this area, but not in the country. I’m glad we’re not alone. It’s getting others to understand.

John Flaute