Vote for Sappington for state auditor

To the editor:

Sappington is Right for Ohio. With the primary election just concluded in Ohio, voters need to turn their attention to the General election on November 8, 2022. A good place to start is with Taylor Sappington, Democratic candidate for State Auditor. Sappington is from Nelsonville in southeastern Ohio where he currently serves as City Auditor. As City Auditor, Sappington identified a “theft in office” which was successfully prosecuted in court. Too bad the same can’t be said for his Republican opponent, current State Auditor, Keith Faber. Mr. Faber turned a blind eye to the worse bribery scandal in State history that saw Ohio House Leader, Larry Householder arrested for orchestrating a kickback for himself and various state officials. Taylor Sappington is running for Ohio

State Auditor on November 8th because he cares about the people of Ohio, not himself.

He is honest, hard-working and smart. Just what the State of Ohio needs to clean up the mess that exists in State government. To learn more about this election go to Please donate if you are able. Vote for a better choice in State Government on November 8th. Vote Democratic.

Thank you.

Teresa R. Porter