Country Fun Blood Drive set for Tuesday

To the editor:

Tuesday’s Country Fun Blood Drive at St. Michael Hall in Ft. Loramie offers numerous opportunities to donate life giving blood. From 10 am to 7 pm professionals from the Community Blood Center will assist many good people give of themselves to help other people in honor of Irene Boerger. Irene dedicated 38 years of her career to help convince locals of the need for that life saving blood that circulates in our arteries and veins.

What might be your reasons to donate? Following are a few comments from donors. “My father suffered a heart attack and needed 5 units of blood during his 4 bypass surgery.” “I know of a child who had a severe accident and was transfused with several gallons of blood.” “A friend of mine required a bunch of blood during cancer treatments.” “A neighbor lady with a blood disorder received many units of blood during the birth of her child.” “Its just the right thing to do.”

Did you realize that only 37% of the U.S. populations is eligible to donate blood? Unfortunately only about 10% of eligible donors actually give. Are you concerned that past health problems make you ineligible? I know of several people who have recovered from cancer or heart challenges who are now regular blood donors after checking with their doctor and/or the Community Blood Center.

Tuesday’s CBC blood drive has many open slots waiting to be filled. As of this writing (June 15), around 300 times are open to any eligible donor. Please take the time to recruit family, friends, coworkers and others. At an earlier drive, one donor (38 years old) said that she had never been to a blood drive. When asked why she decided to donate she said her 16 year old son had and encouraged her to give. She enthusiastically stated that she is now committed to be a regular donor.

Your donation on Tuesday enters you into a drawing for 3 day Country Concert tickets, Ft. Loramie Long Shot Raffle tickets, 2 large blood donor quilts, multiple gift baskets, Pint for a Pint coupons from the Loramie Brewing Company, and numerous items. Door prizes will be offered every thirty minutes! There are sandwiches, snacks and juice or water for everyone. And since June is Dairy Month, ice cream bars and ice cream sandwiches.

Please register to donate online at “” or by calling 1.937.461.3220. Walk-ins are welcome that day but pre-registering makes use of CBC staff much more efficient and beneficial to all donors. Thank you!

Roger Bender

Fort Loramie