US Postal Service gets pat on the back

To the Editor,

My granddaughter’s birthday was at the beginning of the year and as always, since she lives in Georgia, I was going to send her card and birthday money.

Then I got sidetracked.

When I found the card, I stuck extra cash in it, wrote a note to tell her this was “interest” and mailed the card.

No response.

Around the first of March, I received a white envelope from the US Post Service with a handwritten note on the front that said “Found this floating around in the mail.”

Inside the envelope was my card, the check and the cash but no original card envelope.

How blessed I was that someone within the US Postal Service went above and beyond to return this to me (my name and address were on the check.)

I know the US Postal Service gets some bad publicity sometimes but for whoever took the time to track this back to me deserves a pat on the back.

Well done US Postal Service, well done! And thank you!

Juanita McCrum