King will defend Constitution and God

To the editor:

As a former news editor, I know the importance of reaching out to our neighboring communities with information on the candidates before elections so that we can make informed decisions.

Now more than ever, we want people in office who will defend our Constitution and God given rights. I know such a person. Her name is Angie King from Celina and she is running to be our State Representative in the Aug. 2, special election.

Angie is the only candidate endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life. She is a small business owner who has impacted policy on the state and federal level by working with the state of Ohio to pass universal newborn hearing screening, by working with the US Department of Education to update individuals with Disability Education Act, and secured a $750,000 federal line item for the City of Celina’s water treatment facility. She is a woman of integrity who will make good choices for Ohio.

Early voting and mail-in-voting has already begun.

Linda (Hegemann) Hanna