Larger has the integrity to lead

To the editor:

From an early age, our son was the kind of person who put the needs of others ahead of his own. Always willing to help a relative, friend or parishioner at church, Jacob truly has a servant’s heart. Now as a kindhearted husband and loving father of three of our beautiful granddaughters, he demonstrates daily his commitment to his family and his faith. Even now, with campaign season in full swing, Jacob maintains that the biggest accomplishment he could ever hope to achieve is to raise his daughters with a strong, Catholic faith.

It is this side of Jacob that we wish to convey to the voters of Auglaize, Darke & Mercer counties. Jacob has received some amazing endorsements for his conviction in promoting small-government, conservative policies, from the Ohio Young Republicans, the National Federation of Independent Business and the School Choice Ohio Alliance. But above all, the greatest quality Jacob possesses is not in an endorsement, but rather in his character and his steadfast commitment to being someone who leads with integrity. As a skilled attorney, Jacob could have easily taken a high paying job, or the easy path we often see out of the career politicians in Washington, D.C., but he chose to give back to our community, and work in and around government to help those in need. But whether in school, at work, or with his family, Jacob has been driven by his integrity to do what is right, and, as Congressman Jim Jordan often says, “do what you say you’re going to do.”

So while Jacob has the qualifications to be a tremendous state representative, with an amazing grasp of the issues and policies to move Ohio forward, it is his strong character, integrity, faith and family that we know will keep him grounded as the type of duty-bound leader that West Central Ohio deserves. We hope you will join us in voting for Jacob Larger for State Representative on August 2nd.

Bernie & Kay Larger

New Bremen