Rodriguez understands families’ challenges

To the Editor:

As our elected representative in the Ohio House, Sophia Rodriguez will bring intelligence and compassion to that role as she works for legislation that will benefit all people in the 84th District. Through her experiences as a high school teacher, as a successful small business owner, and as a city council member in Celina, Sophia has gained insight into the challenges faced by ordinary families in our part of Ohio. She understands the effect of taxes on the families and businesses who pay them, and she will fight to invest that taxpayer money wisely in the people of Ohio. She will seek the input of her constituents, and our concerns will shape her decisions as our representative.

Sophia Rodriguez supports better school funding in Ohio, and she will champion opportunities to allow our graduates to stay and work right here at home. Sophia believes in programs that help our senior citizens live life with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Sophia Rodriguez truly cares about people. We in the 84th Ohio House District will be well served with her as our representative.

Kathy Mescher